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Symantec Products

Achieve a higher level of security.

Integrated Cyber Defense

Unifying cloud and on-premises security to provide advanced threat protection and information protection

  • Cloud Generation
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Security
  • Web & Network Security
  • Cloud App Security

Advanced Threat Protection

Gain control with multiple layers of threat prevention, detection, and forensic technology

Endpoint Protection Family

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Messaging Security Family

  • Email Threat Detection and Response

Hybrid Cloud Security Family

Encrypted Traffic Management Family

Secure Web Gateway Family

  • Content & Malware Analysis
  • Network Forensics & Security Analytics
  • Web Isolation
  • WebFilter / Intelligence Services
  • Web application firewall & Reverse Proxy

Information Protection

Shield your critical data, wherever it lives

Encryption Family

  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Gateway Email Encryption

DLP Family

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention Cloud & Symantec CloudSOC
  • Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email

Identity Family

  • VIP
  • VIP Access Manager

Information Centric Security Family

  • Information Centric Analytics
  • Information Centric Tagging
  • Information Centric Encryption

Endpoint Security

Protect your users and critical assets with multilayered security

Endpoint Security Family

  • Endpoint Security Essential
  • Endpoint Security Complete

Other Endpoint Products

  • Endpoint Protection Mobile
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory

Hybrid Cloud Security Family

  • Storage Protection
  • Cloud Workload Protection
  • Data Center Security

Internet of Things Family

Endpoint Management Family

  • Asset Management Suite
  • Client Management Suite
  • Ghost Solution Suite
  • Server Management Suite

Email Security

Protect your email in the cloud and on-premises

Messaging Security Family

  • Email
  • Messaging Gateway
  • Email Threat Detection and Response
  • Phishing Readiness
  • Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

Web & Network Security

Cloud and on-premises network security solutions

Secure Web Gateway Family

  • Web Security Service
  • ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway
  • Web Isolation
  • Content & Malware Analysis
  • WebFilter / Intelligence Services
  • Web Application Firewall & Reverse Proxy
  • Management Center and Reporting

Encrypted Traffic Management Family

  • SSL Visibility Appliance

Network Performance Optimization Family

  • MACH5
  • PacketShaper

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Family
DLP Family
Identity Family

Cloud App Security

Safeguard users, information, and workloads across public and private clouds

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Family

  • CloudSOC Audit – Shadow IT
  • CloudSOC CASB Gateway
  • CloudSOC CASB for SaaS
  • CloudSOC CASB for IaaS

Secure Web Gateway Family

  • Malware Analysis Service
  • Trusted Mobile Device Security Service
  • Web Security Service
  • Web Isolation
  • Web Application Firewall & Reverse Proxy

DLP Family

  • Data Loss Prevention Cloud and Symantec CloudSOC
  • Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email

Messaging Security Family

  • Email
  • Email Threat Detection and Response

Hybrid Cloud Security Family

  • Cloud Workload Protection
  • Control Compliance Suite
  • Storage Protection

Identity Family

  • VIP

Cyber Security Services

Depend on our warriors to fortify your security

Incident Response

  • Emergency Response
  • Incident Response Retainers and Readiness Services

DeepSight Intelligence

  • DeepSight Adversary Intelligence
  • DeepSight Technical Intelligence
Managed Security Services
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Endpoint & Data Protection

  • ➪ Endpoint Security (EPS)
  • ➪ Seqrite Encrytion Manager
  • ➪ Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud
  • ➪ Cloud Security
  • ➪ Enterprise Mobility Management
    • ➔ Seqrite mSuite




  • ➪ Unified Threat Management
  • ➪ Seqrite Secure Web Gateway




  • ➪ Antivirus for Server
  • ➪ Seqrite AntiVirus for Linux




  • ➪ Seqrite Services


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Features Endpoint Security SME Endpoint Security Business Endpoint Security Total Endpoint Security Enterprise Suite
Anti Ransomware
Email Protection
IDS/IPS Protection
Firewall Protection
Phishing Protection
Browsing Protection
SMS Notification
Vulnerability Scan
Roaming Platform
Asset Management
Spam Protection
Web Filtering
Advanced Device Control
Application Control
File Activity Monitor
Patch Management
Data Loss Prevention
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Seqrite Encryption Manager (SEM) is a one-stop solution for companies looking to reinforce their business data security. Our encryption tool provides enhanced data privacy solutions and thus, fosters customer confidence.

Features Standard Advanced Premium
Anti Ransomware
Email Protection
Browsing Protection
Phishing Protection
Spam Protection
Web Filtering
Advanced Device Control
Application Control
Asset Management
Data Loss Prevention Add On Pack Add On Pack
[morello_section_title_block layout=”text-center” title=”Seqrite Encryption Manager”]
  • ➪ Seqrite Encryption Manager (SEM) is a one-stop solution for companies looking to reinforce their business data security. Our encryption tool provides enhanced data privacy solutions and thus, fosters customer confidence.
  • ➪ The Seqrite Encryption Manager creates a highly secured operating environment that increases the efficacy of your business processes by keeping your valuable data intact. Our comprehensive encryption suite offers robust data protection for desktops and servers, onsite as well as offsite. Our SEM is compliant with international data protection laws.

Seqrite Encryption Manager

Get the Encryption Manager

  • ➪ Critical data with mobile work force is now safe
  • ➪ Data safe even outside office network
  • ➪ Lost devices won’t result in data leak
  • ➪ Choice of 4 fast encrypting algorithms
  • ➪ Easy deployment and installation
  • ➪ Complete data security with AES, RC6, SERPENT & TWOFISH encryption algorithms
  • ➪ Data theft and data loss prevention at vulnerable endpoints
  • ➪ IT admin-friendly with an interactive dashboard

Full disk encryption and removable drive encryption


Single Sign-on


Remote and Active Directory Installation


Scheduled Backup and Update

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Seqrite Cloud is an integrated solution that allows the management and regulation of multiple Endpoint Security and UTM products deployed at different geographical locations. IT administrators from any location can easily connect to the cloud to view the latest security status, configure product policies, receive notifications and rectify critical network events from one single dashboard. It also facilitates policy configuration, backup and more on the cloud for Seqrite products.

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Single Management Console

Seqrite Cloud, with its simplified management console, helps to manage the overall health of the distributed enterprise network protected by Seqrite Endpoint Security and Seqrite UTM.

Powerful Cloud Dashboard

Seqrite Cloud helps you navigate through your associated Seqrite products and easily manage and maintain them remotely through its dynamic and graphical dashboard.

Easy Product Integration

Seqrite Cloud lets you easily register and integrate your various Seqrite Endpoint and Seqrite UTM servers that are distributed across several geographic locations.

View License History

IT teams can view Seqrite product licenses, status, expiry dates and more notifications so that timely renewal can take place.

Policy-based Security

Seqrite Cloud lets you maintain a consistent policy for your network by allowing you to apply one product’s policies to another, or by promoting/publishing some policies as global policies.


IT administrators receive notifications for all critical network events via emails and the Seqrite Cloud dashboard.

Manage Product Users

Seqrite Cloud lets you directly enable or disable product users. You can also push password resets for all the users remotely.

Detailed Reports

Executive summaries of products can be viewed for specific dates or user groups. These reports can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.

Backup and Restore

Product backups can be stored and viewed on the cloud at all times. Relevant backups can easily be restored in critical situations.

Product Administration

Monitors confidential company files and notifies administrators when such files are copied, renamed or deleted.

View Cloud Activities

Seqrite Cloud updates enterprises about all activities that are performed in the portal via detailed activity logs that can be easily viewed or exported.

Multi-level Administration

Seqrite Cloud lets you assign various roles to users with distinct permissions and business rules. Seqrite product administrators, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and network auditors can benefit immensely from this hierarchical form of administration.

Anytime access to the Seqrite product console

Seqrite Cloud provides the flexibility to access products from any location and at any time. You just need to connect to Seqrite Cloud and access the console with the Access Web Console feature, a cutting-edge technology. This connectivity ensures that IT security policies are upheld at all times.

[morello_section_title_block layout=”text-center” title=”Seqrite mSuite”]

Single console management for all devices


Cloud as well as on premise offering


Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft


Remote device control and file management

  • Increase the productivity of your enterprise by mobilizing the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure.
  • ➪ Get the M Confidence
  • ➪ Mobilize your workforce
  • ➪ Manage devices remotely
  • ➪ Keep your data secure
  • ➪ Ramp-up business productivity
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  • A one-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the UTM appliance as your first line of defense, your network is secure and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact.
  • Get the UTM
  • ➪ UTM appliance available at all times with in-built
  • ➪ Easy management of multiple UTM appliances
  • ➪ Scans at gateway level to block spam and phishing
  • ➪ Provides IT administrators means for secure

Firewall – Denies everything and allows only what is needed


Intrusion prevention system – Scrutinizes network traffic in real-time.


Gateway Antivirus – Scans incoming & outgoing network traffic at the gateway level.


Web Filtering – Blocks non-business web traffic to reduce load on enterprise bandwidth.

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A solution that is built with large corporate servers in mind, this product offers robust antivirus security and exceptional speeds. It is easy to install on complex server networks and enhances resource optimization.

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Total Ransomware Protection

Seqrite Cloud lets you maintain a consistent policy for your network by allowing you to apply one product’s policies to another, or by promoting/publishing some policies as global policies.

Silent Mode

Suppresses prompts and notifications from Seqrite Antivirus Server Edition for uninterrupted PC usage. This does not affect the security level of your system.

Quick Scan

Quick Scan completes the scanning of your system on faster pace. With Quick Scan, only the predefined locations that can be vulnerable to malicious attacks are scanned.


Prevents valuable and sensitive information from getting recorded by data-stealing malware called keyloggers.


Secures inboxes within the enterprise by filtering junk emails. Vigilant spam filter engine identifies unwanted emails.

Email Protection

Redesigned mail protection system effectively counters malware threats to servers. This ensures security policies for all incoming and outgoing emails within the network.

Optimized Virus Scan Engine

Light on server resources, the antivirus engine scans critical system areas that are vulnerable to known and unknown threats.

Virus Protection

Blocks and prevents virus attacks that originate from attachments, downloads, storage devices, browsing and other sources.

Data Theft Protection

Blocks access to removable drives to prevent the transfer of data between the enterprise server and external devices.

[morello_section_title_block layout=”text-center” title=”Bitdefender”]

One product covering all your security needs.

Choose complete protection for all your devices: the ultimate mega-suite that goes beyond antivirus and anti-malware software.

[morello_section_title_block layout=”text-center” title=”Compare Bitdefender Products”]
Particulars Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020
Windows, macOS,Android and iOS protection Yes No No
Powerful Anti-Theft for all devices Yes No No
Device Optimizer Yes No No
Parental Control Yes Yes No
Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection Yes Yes Yes
Protection against malware, spyware, adware Yes Yes Yes