The Best CRM Software In India For Marketing, Sales & Helpdesk CRM.

Close more deals, Manage Sales Teams, Manage Helpdesk, Manage your team with Enjay CRM, the Best CRM in India. Complete CRM solution for small businesses and Enterprises. Most user-friendly Mobile CRM software designed for your Sales and Service Teams.

Deployment Flexibility with Cloud CRM or Onsite CRM

Enjay CRM comes with the flexibility to deploy on our Cloud, Public cloud or private cloud. It can even be deployed at your Server Locations. In case you choose to deploy it on your servers, we provide a secured, optimised and hardened the Operating system to run the CRM software.

Requirements for Onsite CRM Implementation

  • Two Servers (for Live and Backup).
  • Redundant and reliable connectivity.
  • Operating system (EnjayCRM OS provided by Enjay.)
  • Server Administrator to monitor and manage server Resources.
  • SSL Certificate for securing your Servers

Our Secured Scalable Cloud CRM Infrastructure

Enjay CRM is hosted with largest Data Centers in India to give your best performance and security. Proper DR (Disaster Recovery) is implemented at other Data Centers to provide you with Business Continuity.
Access to your data is restricted by Firewalls and security managed by professionals. Regular user level, group level Data Access Control is built in.

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