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[morello_section_title_block layout=”text-center” title=”Unified Email and Collaboration Hub The Alternative to Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite” subtitle=”With flexible development ensures ongoing development and support.”]

FileSync & Desktop Apps

Fully Installed Useful Apps


Collaboration on Docs

Video Calls

Real-Time Messaging

Email & Calendaring

Much more than Email

Scheduling & Agenda Sharing

Collaboration with others

IceChat & Mobility

Always Connected with Mobile Apps


Collaboration in Teams

Multi-layered Security

AntiSpam & AntiVirus

Storage & Documents

Powerful Office Suite on the Web

WebClient & WebAdmin

Email and Administration Online


Desktop Office Suite

Office Suite Available as Installed Apps

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Easy Sharing

Utilize comfy drag and drop file sharing thanks to integrations of all products with online storage. Send files of any size.


50 million paid users all over the world. 50,000 customers worldwide with presence in more than 50 countries.

Immediate 50% Cost Reduction

A friendly price and transparent software maintenance make IceWarp the optimal solution for business communication.

Individual Technical Support

Our skilled team will help you with any of your problems. You can always count on help from a developer of the software itself.

Presence in India

Cloud services hosted from Indian IDC. 800+ customers in India across verticals.

All Functions Integrated

The all-in-one solution provides you with an integrated platform on which all functions work together.


IceWarp is the only platform through which you can complete all of your office work. It is all organized in one window, without third party applications.

MS Office & Mail Clients Compatibility

Don’t throw away your email client. You can still use it with IceWarp. IceWarp also works with PDF and MS Office presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents.